Never cease to exist...
No matter how hard life may be.
"Lemme disappear",
Sometimes you just wish.
Don't you just realize how lucky you are,
To breathe in new life and again set foot on real soil.
Have you wondered how it'd feel if you're floating and don't know where...?
You are lucky.
Lucky to be free.


I could not sleep.
I just can't.
Would never again see the moon and the stars,
Stuck in this never ending part of the day.
No dawn, no twilight.
Enchanted under the shadows of you.
How can I ever escape?
And see the yonder day break?


I sit and wait as I listen to every single tick of my own clock
Plastered on the wall or maybe just a resonating sound in my own head
Tick... tock... What do I have?
Nothing but emptiness. A vast world yet to fill.
I am the boy who writes.
No one seems to bother talk, I may be that uninteresting or what.
It doesn't matter though as long as I reach the heart of the girl who reads.

I am the girl who reads.
I may expect more of my own simple life.
Knock... knock... Do I have to wake up?
Are books that influential? or am I fooling myself in a world of make-believes?
Salt and pepper are almost the same as the sprinkles of literature.
I've got hope... more faith.
Waiting for... my only boy who writes.


All we did was to eliminate the future with what we do today. Did it really existed - whatever?

What is a beautiful feeling - that one simple which you never thought could extravagantly take you into the thought of "what's going on", insanely.

Writing so gay could mean only a thing - depression is a must.

And to wherever it might take you - stupid.

My Photoshop

This is my photoshop. A view from the mountain top. everything's cropped. Pomeranian dog on a pedicab. Everyday's a hub. Take a ride in a Genesis cab. Travel the world with love. And end the day with honey's hug.

Now, close my eyes with dimmest lights. Dream tomorrows in deepest heights. Export the sanity of all my freights. Claim gratitude out of might. And try to define what is life.

Capture moments. because this world randomly strikes a pose.

Hold the breeze. and take some life's pause.

And smile. because you'll never know.