When they met.

If there's one day that it's going to rain, that should be today. When emotion spills and everything comes so dry - pour me rain and it will heal, as time pass me by.

This is where it all started. This is where i thought there's rainbow after rain - a promise of sunshine as it cease.

It was once a wonderful love story, a romance every woman wished, a love every man promised.

It was late that night when world's apart. It was that night when time ticks and smiley's sighs. And it was that night, from nowhere, when love was a tragedy everyone tried to deny.

He was a great dancer. Try-hard, frustrated, ambitious. But gracious. He can sway his body like no-woman ever existed. He will die for dancing. That's something he was born to live for.

She. She is just, just a typical girl. with lots of crushes. Lots of make-believed admirers. She believes in fashion. She believes in every fairy tales. She always thought of a knight - the hollywood-type, maybe Brad Pit or Leonardo or the stupid likes - coming towards her in slow motion, lights focused, center-stage, with overwhelming silence, saying "Hi!" and asking her name.

They were two great piece of art. Two great proofs of imaginative indecency.

It was the birthday cake. It was that phone message. It was the solitary moment that night. From two different worlds. From two different walks. And, it happened. One day they met, And it was the most horrible one.