Future: Remy

From some point, from point-to-point, how every else's point, existed have been a great deal of how and why it should exist. Seemingly, the fact that every human existence in this so-called "planet-of-the-earth", humanity has gone deep through diversity, and that's - insanity.

Entertaining the thought of what's-life-going-to-be-years-from-now, moved me and my, not-so-close, but a-real-close-friend Remy, to the idea of putting up something that could provide us our needs without much effort in return, I mean, not stressing ourselves that much.

With every stars that kindle up in the precious night-grey skies, we drew billions and billions of blueprints. Blueprints of our anticipated wonderful future of dreams.

With her honey-bunch-he-wanna-crunch girl - hmmmm i won't mention the name, we sat on that sunny time machine as if we're up to something great and historical. Well, it actually took us millions and millions of seconds waiting there for something to explode like a black hole.

But honestly, that night I'm totally "blanked". And I just don't know. And i'm sort of, saw not my dreams, but the real perfect future for my friend.

They're as if honey and bees. They're as if winter and breeze. They're as if jealous and tease. And they're as if hugs and squeeze.

I've been one great dreamer almost everyday. Ambitious and envious at every wit. And that night, we're not really planning the future, we are walking towards it. My friend's and his girls symphony serenades, and I was, that night, a testimony of how sweet their melody could be.

Some times, we strain ourselves, preparing ourselves in-the-not-so-far-future. We try to live everyday for the future. Everyday is one simple step towards tomorrow. We lived worried about what's going to happen next. We sleep every night with troubles in our head. We're so preoccupied by the future. And we only seem to exist for the future.

How crazy was it? We keep gazing and guessing what our future might be. We didn't notice and forgot to stare. The future ahead, is just right at our sides, sitting, waiting, for you to live them today.