It's been some nights and still i'm confused for the reason i don't know. I'm confused of some things that I really can't recognize. And my chest's heavy, if only i could burp my heart out to give it some air.

Being at the part of the day, where the sun's heat beats you down, i mean it's - i just can't breathe, less air. And every tomorrow seems so far away. You're stuck in the middle of today. HOw you wish you have stayed longer in the morning breeze.

What i'm trying to say is i'm at the point or stage of growing up where opportunities open up to all my potentials, and i don't know what to choose - what do i really like, who i really am.

There then came the word - practicality. Every choice must consider almost everything, i mean, everything that pertains to money - compensation, incentives - as if success and life longetivity is measured by money you have in your accounts.

I'm not trying to dig some typical issues between happiness and practicality but it drains me, real deep, knowing i'm the one affected this time.

Well, what now? And i'm blanked. Hilarious.

It's kind of funny, finding yourself having arguements about your future and you jsut forget to live today, to enjoy today, moments. Well, what should I do? Keep arguing, you'll learn a lot. (hahaha)

I'm not trying to be cynical about life, or the way to live it, but there's just some facts that you really have to face and i do fear these facts.

And its so uncanny how people appear to care, and would inspire you with an advice, "everything's your fucking choice" and then boosts you with a tap in the back saying, "you can do it jerk."

Oh! Man in the edge of hell and heaven! Should I tell, wasting time in burden of silence is better than your silly advices.