Meet Miss Mouse

Once in a real-moony-blue-night, a tiny, shiny star, with wit ablazed, came through striking in the lightning wake. As teary as it snows, the world awaits for black holes to maze.

Typically, when a girl-meets-boy, a magical love affair happens. But not that night when all the world's a shame and everythings trembling like summer heat on winter days.

Weepy, i know, she walked towards me, greeting me with a smile, but i know she's fakin' just to lure the night.

Then there we sat. We're like bestfriends. We laughed at how we strangely had each other that night.

I looked at her, with the most questions I ever had in my life. My lips are grueling to utter one until she had me "why'd".

We talked about this and this and that. She asked why and how and why. But I simply told her that and that and maybe, yeah.

We have the night like we were in the club. We can't hear each other. Each one's shouting their phrases. But we had the beat. Plus the skinny-martini.

Her braces. Her eyeglasses. Her red-foot-nail-polish. Her school shirt, the jeans and the bangs. They all seem screaming for justice!

Have anyone heard of, you know, the typical-teen-romance stuff? The stuff that made guys burn out their pants and made girls weep hard in their panties? Such things have been intolerably, misdirecting all teens, no exception, to grow.

Immaturity stands a long way, though always have been a part of the growing up process. But, in search for intimacy over isolation, we tend to grab a strangers hand, get on knees, and there you go, you're married. And marriage is the last legal form of slavery.

How ready are we? To love? NO! But to accept defeat and let go. To learn to live and grow. Yet, we're all so young.

Life like love is a guessing game. You know, like diving in a pool of water without knowing if its shallow or deep. Given if its shallow, you'll get yourself hurt, injured yourself from back of the neck way down to your spines. But when it's deep? MEN! It's like a leap of faith! It's like you can't explain but real happiness. Love isn't just getting into the climax. Love is not being afraid to be alone. Not being afraid to decide. Love is a risk you have to take, if you really want a real one.

Sometimes we get that impulsive with our stuff. Sometimes, real bad. But, love isn't a mission you need to fulfill. Just grow. Learn. Be happy. Thats it. And if ever love never coincide your way, then WHAT? I mean, then WHAT?!

The night so young, yet we grew. She stunned me with a pose and there i knew. She's one precious thing who ever lived this world. But i'm afraid, like dinosaurs, she'll meet extinction. I'm afraid, the world would miss, how strong and lovely she could be, when she's all down, weepy and - GREAT.